How mental health is used as a weapon

How mental health is used as a weapon.proffessionals would rather diagonoise somebody with a mental illness than getting the proper diagnosis out and thats why so many adults and children are so messed up with been put on medication when they certinaly dont need to be put on it


walsall council i am going to get the truth out to the world about ur corruption and the proffessionals involved are going to be exposed

alot of people say to me you have no chance to stand against a council because you will loose

well to me its not about winning and not about loosing its about the TRUTH and JUSTICE

I have had to fight with my life since i was 6 yrs old

fight with why i didnt feel like i fitted why was i so different to other kids

but its not that i was diffrent it was i had a problem and nobody would help

all my life all i have ever wanted is to help people and ADULTS and CHILDREN

I WAS ALOANER as  a child and why i just dont know

but as i was growing up my life got harder and harder nobody could understand me and to be honest i couldnt understand my self

and why i felt so much pain/hate/jelousy/and more

but when u have ur family you get to put ur life were it should be in the past

were it belongs

and stand and so what u need to do as mom as aparent as partner and more

and this is why i wont back down from a council especially walsall council

you see people think just because i have adhg and learning difficulities that im backwards

and i have no brains but u know when you loose people in your life who u have brought in to this world it turns a diffrent chapter in your life and u wont back down from all there wrong doings and lies and corruption and more

walsall council admitted all there wrong doings on my case in court

but still got my family you all wont to know why

just because i put in for discharge too early


know to me thts just an excuse to keep my kids for financial gain and more

i do not believe in giving up and i do not believe a council should get away with all there wrong doings and thats what im not going to do stop fighting them

you give up then whats the point of bringing your children in to the world in the first place