the second and final part of my story

well here goes the second part and last part of my story

When i got my self of knees from when my children were taken i went to my babies bedroom and sat in there room all night and i was holding a teddy that was left behind.i sat there thinking were do i go from here and how do i start to fight for my babies everything was going round in my head and i didnt know were to turn but i thought i made a promice to my family and it was make or break for me well i was not going to break so since that day in march 2012 i have never turned back.

my first court case was in march 2013 and because social services said i have done massive changes and more they was going to give me my children back and i was so excited so were my family then when we got to court the social worker lied on oath in court UZMA kauser and even the judge said my case is unique and she commends me then in court uzma kauser changed her mind about giving me my children back she said because of my childrens emotional state in care.

and when the decision came after me fighting since my children had been taken and the soclicitor nicholas james wood would not put my eveidence in to court neither would he put my wittnessess in to court either and i was begging for this to all go in to court for along time 

and the social worker usma kauser and the solicitor nicholas james wood had concerns for the foster parents and schools lying and both neither brought up in court i was gutted then on the 14th of may 2013 the decision came in and they got my children on lies and more and i just broke i fell on the floor in the court room and could nt stop sobbing my partner did not know what to do but the guardians solicitor in 2013 said to my partner clare will get her babies back.

i eventually got of the floor again after been knocked down twice know well i remembered the look in the my babies eyes iv never seen so much pain in a childs face as that day my babies were taken

So again i got up walked away and started fighting again 

in december 2013 i put in for discharge on my case i would not let this go and with all the mistreatment on my babies there was no way i was backing down for anyone so i did this and in 2014 my case started again for the second time around

i was so scared and nervous i didnt walk in court and think i would walk away with out my children again but i was there to get the truth out 

and the judge seen through walsall council straight away and what she had to say i couldnt believe a judge got the truth out of a system like she did and walsall council admitted everything on my case and more 

the social worker ann louise hughes walsall social worker the judge seen through her straight away 

and the guardian dianne jackson got the stand and too be honest never said anything bad and she said she does have no problem with me so why did she go against me when nothing bad was said

jane swancott the guardians solicitor had a conversation with another solicitor and spread her concerns on the reports on case and jane swancott admitted in front of a barrister that she had lied to me mom clare

so the day of the verdict on case again 

was that

i put in for discharge too early after 2 yrs

and im emotion when i see my children 

yes i am when theres mistreatment on my children and its been covered up 

so just for these two reasons walsall council have my children on these rediculous excuses for keeping my children 

so know my fight has not stopped 

its clare wakeman vs walsall council 

and i will not stop till there is one judge who is real and knows what justice is 

but you know to learn the hard way in life is so hard its unreal 

but in another way it makes you so strong and gives you the strength and will to get through to fight for all you have and love 

thank you

clare wakeman xxxxxxxxxxxx


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