part 2 of my story

part 2 of my story is the week that i had to prepare my children to be taken by walsall social services 2012

when social services came in and told me they was taking my babies 

they said you have a week to prepare your children 

i really still couldnt take this in 

my babies even helped me pack there belongings i just thought this was a night mare and i would wake up

i had to tell my babies they were going to the seaside for a while and my babies kept saying mom please we dont wont to leave you and i just looked at my babies and cried i saw the pain in there faces and i just wanted the ground to open up and swollow me 

the day came that my babies for the first time in there lives would not be with me since the day i gave birth to my children 

at 10.30 there were 2 social workers who came and 2 other proffessionals my babies were hanging of they wouldnt leave 

and i couldnt let them go

at 130 it was time for my 2 babies to go first and the one social worker said clare you have got to let them go and they tried to sweet talk me i said get away from me and my children i will take my own children to the car and put them in my self 

i tied my 2 babies in first first they would not let me go and the social worker touched my shoulder and said they have to go i said get ur hand of me and i will let my babies go when i have given them a love and i still couldnt let them go 

i looked in there eyes and iv never seen so much pain and hurt in childrens eyes in all my life 

and i said to both my 2 babies ur mom aint giving up and i promice i will eventually get u home 

i couldnt believe how brave my children was and the pain in them i will never forget it

then at 2.30

it was my other two babies turn and oh my god i thought my heart was going to come out of my chest my older son was standing by bthe door begging the social services to let me [mom] keep my children he kept saying my aint done nothing and my other older children was just in disbelief 

i put my other 2 babies in to the car and my daughter saud i beg u mom please dont them take us from u 

and u know what she said mom i will be behave 

i felt like at that moment my life was ended and i could not let my 2 babies go for nothing 

and i made the same promice i made to my 2 other babies and i meant it all i could hear when the car drove away was my babies screaming mom mom


i fell to the groung in the middle of the street and held my head 

after about 5 mins  i got up walked in the house and went up stairs 

and sat in my babies room all night holding there teddy bears 

i kept saying to my self what have i done 

were have i gone wrong

and you know i could not cry any more tears 

and i thought ok its make or break 

and no way was i going to break 

all that kept coming in to my head was the pain and hurt in my babies face 

so i got up and started to fight but for me to fight i needed

to learn how to read 


and understand so thats were i started and never looked back and i no matter how hard social services have knocked me down since 

iv got up even harder and 

the 3rd part of my story is my first court case in 2013 

may 12th/13th/14th


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