more on my case that was brought up at court

this is everything on my last court date

1]harminder social worker said he has no problems with my contacts

so why are social services saying other wise

2]i made some cards for my children but was not allowed to give them directly to my children 

harminder said he would post them to my children and promiced my babies and never did

dianne jackson  guardian 

said she has no problems with me at all so why did she go against me

jane swancott guardains solicitor had a conversation with another solicitor and told this other solicitor that she has concerns on my case that the reports are inacurate

usma kauser was proved to of been lying on my court case in 2013 so why didnt she get done

we know why corruption

there have been several complaints put in to the schools of parents the way the foster parents was treating my children

what was done nothing

jane swancott guardians solicitor again i asked her to see my children away from foster parents but jane swancott lied to me after she promiced me the reason i asked this is because my children wont tell the truth in front of foster carers

my daughter was told that if she gets emotional when seeing me mom she would have her treats stopped

evidence of ann hughes walsall social worker

dianne jackson childrens guardian 

and in court they was ripped apart by judge

my children have been at emotional harm since last augest 2013 so why has nothing been done to help them 

well we all know why dont we???????????????/

all proffessional even the judge said i am very intelligent person and very articular

judge was very upset about about my daughters been put in to a fostering magazine my children was supposed to of stopped in walsall this was my daughters wishes too but walsall social services moved my children out of bourgh when was not supposed to of

walsall social services put in for an injunction on me the judge rejected this

the judge asked why it was not looked at that why my children have not been returned home yet


dianne jackson said in court that walsall social services are not thinking of my chldrens wishes

significant impact on my children been in care enmotionally and other wise and my children repetably kept saying to ann hughes walsall social worker we wont to see our MOM AND DAD

judge went mad about walsall social service attitude towards me mom

the judge mentioned our attachment to our children and the judge said we all know what walsall socail services definition of attachment is 

judge was very critical of the walsall socail services 

judge asked walsall social services to go away and come back with the answer she ha asked several times about when could my children come home

judge said how much more does miss wakeman have to do because of everything i have done already

judge said to walsall council that they need to change there attitude and the way they deal with parents  me and my partner

the judge mentioned my children  i have at home with me and the massive way my lads had changed there lives but you know why they did this because my lads wont there sibblings home and the when my children were taken my lads had two paths to choice from the right way or the wrong way and bless them they took the right path and my lads have adhg and autism and im proud of them

judge said about the great gaps in walsall social services reports on my case that did not add up

judge critised walsall council badly for there failures and neglect on my case

so why when walsall social services owned to everything and all the bad things the judge had to say about walsall socil services have they still got my children when the desision my case is as following 

1]i put in for discharge too early when it was 2 and half yrs on

and that im emotional when i see my children well is this not normal 

so to conclude my case my case is know going to london with the help of tim and julie haines who i owe my life too they have both supported me from day one so lets see what round 3 says ay mates




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