why abuse happens cus its let to be

how many years know as child abuse been a concern 

its been a concern for over 30 yrs and more

so why has this let to of been happening 

well proffessionals cover up on cases because they go to see a child say everythings ok and then 2 days later the child dead and what about the foster system the foster systems have been cause for concern for along time know and what gets done a slap on the hand for foster parents but jail for real parents which if they do bad to children they damm well deserve it

so were is the law for proffessionals that lie abuse and emotionally abuse there aint none because they think they are so clever by going through the system been corrupt well im sorry so many skeletons always fall out of the cupboards and they  are starting too

my concern is i get so many systems mentioned exept for walsall saocial services and walsall social services are the biggest corrupted i have seen for a long time and there are children in the systems been emotionally harmed /lied too about there parents/physically harmed and maltreated

well to me is this not a series time to get an investigation to be put in place because i know the social workers who are doing wrong doings and the children in the systems who are been treated badly 

so whats going to be done well im contacting alot of proffessionals at mo to make sure this gets done because walsal social services have got away with too much 

proves it with the baby kyle keen case this was a baby that could of been saved and even the walsall manor hospital admitt wrongs which with a babys life is not good enough but walsall social services trying to cover the childs death up well im sorry that baby should be here and living and been with its father who loved is son unconditionally


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