walsall council have got my children illegally again

neally 3 years ago i started the fight for my 4 children ?and the day they were taken from me was the worst day i could ever imagine.

i made my children a promice i would never stop fighting untill i get my babies home and reunite all my 8 children and thats the promice i have kept

in 2013 march me and my partner was falsley promiced our children back and there was nothing bad to say about me or children

when my case in 2013 went to court may the social worker lied on oath in court and the solicitor involved did not put my eveidence in to court neither did he put my wittnessess in to court either

walsall council ended up with my children and the social worker walked away smurking at me as if to say we have won

i fell on the floor in the court room and i just wanted the ground to open and swollow me up but then i looked up and remembered the day my children were taken and the promice i made

so again i started fighting again and in augest 2013 i started seeing mistreatment on my children and the look in there eyes of been scared to go back to foster parents

i was not the only one with concerns the contact workers at the child link centre had concerns and so did the parents at the schools of the way the foster parents was treating my children

i went to the police and walsall police station let my children down badly

so through me seeing and finding out the neglect on my children walsall social services and walsall social workers stopped me seeing my children even thoe i still have parental rights to my children they stopped me in way illegally they can stop a parent getting to protect there children

and more things kept happening to my children and i was not letting this happen so in december 2013 i put in for discharge on the order for my children

in 2014 january my case was been started again and again walsall social services blocked me every way they could from me seeing my children and i had to miss my 11 year olds birthday i phoned up social services and begged them to let me see my baby on her bday but again no

and it was my daughters sports day and again i begged but again they said no 

my last court date was 4 th july 2014 and even thoe walsall council have admitted misconduct failure to my children and failure to me and my partner too they have still ended up with my children even thoe they have admitted all there wrong doings 

the jugdement on my case is i put discharge in too early and im emotional when i see my children well when i can only see my children 6 times a year how do the system expect me to be 

and know again i start my 3rd fight with walsall council i cant understand how they won again after everything and even the judge critisized walsall council and the social worker and guardian so yo me again another cover up well im sorry to say walsall council 

my fight with you aint over and untill justice is served it will never be over you can stop me from seeing my children you can try and break me and you can emotionally harm my children but i will get the truth out and i hope when the truth does come out you all get punished for destroying all i have and love and other famillies too you cant keep breaking the law and getting away with this 

thank you clare wakeman





4 thoughts on “walsall council have got my children illegally again

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