today is the decision on my case

today i go to court and find out weather the judge has made the decision on my childrens lives 

today is the day weather my children get there futures decided 

buit what proffessionals have got to think of is this they have been doing so much damage and heart acke to thousands of famillies

and this mainly started  after the little soul baby p was found dead because of there :





filling in reports that was not right and covering up on them

but the baby p case was just one of these sad cases were the failures were horrifying and this then was an excuse for social services to move in and destroy innocent famillies and childrens lives

my children have suffered 

emotional harm

physical neglect 

they have been lied too

they have been moved around like they are parcels

the lies

the cover ups

they have illegally stop me seeing my children

they have stopped my parental rights illegally and social worker lied in court on my case last year 

they had concerns for the lies and more about the schools in 2013 and never submitted them in to court

walsall council through an amazing judge has made sure they tell the truth and they have admitted all the wrongs on my case 

the judge saw through the lies /the misconduct and more and instead of a 3 day trial my trial has ended up in to a 11 week trial 

my eveidence last year was refused to be put in to court and the proffessionals involved was refused to stand for my family last year

but a year on and they was let to go in to court a police officer and well known childrens doctor went on the stand for me and told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

there have been parents who have had concerns for my children and have been put in to schools too and nobody still has listened

i have had bad concerns for children in care since 2013 and so have proffessionals and again nobody has listened to me 

because of my concerns i was stopped seeing my children and because i went to the police

i have been punished in every way imagined and i was not even allowed to see my daughter on her birthday and she was 11 on the 1st of july and i asked if i could go to my childs sports day and again was told no even thoe i have parental rights

and even after a 3 yr fight i have no doubts in mind that im going to walk in to court today and i know im going to have to walk away with out my family again and if so then i know that there is no justice and no way to the light at the end of the tunnel

thank you clare wakeman 


3 thoughts on “today is the decision on my case

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    • My case was yesterday and guess what Walsall council got my kids again and would u like to know what judgement was CU’s I put in for discharge to early and CU’s I’m emotional when I see my babies

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